Prison Ministry

Brett Rich

Anchor Prison Ministry

Thanks once again to Union Association for investing in Anchor Prison Ministry.
We have seen much change with the completion of the new facility and inmate capacity has doubled. The former facility has been renamed “Site 2” and the new compound “Site 1” of Bledsoe County Correctional Complex. A doubling of inmates and personnel means God has doubled our opportunities, for the field is white and the workers are few.

The main thrust of our endeavors is discipling the Church behind bars. While we participate in annual spring evangelistic services and other outreaches, on a weekly basis we only have contact with those inmates who will come to a bible study or worship service. These are generally Believers, as it often cost them something to be a professing Christian. We therefore have set our face to the task of strengthening the Church within the prison and the Holy Spirit adds to our number those who are being saved. As men begin to walk like a true follower, it is natural that they share the joy of the abiding Christ who loves them. Their lights so shine that others see their good works and glorify their Father in Heaven. We have commissioned several inmates that had completed 16 consecutive months of Master Life to the work of evangelism and “disciple making “some of which transferred into the new facility. The great blessing has been to see fruit from the investment over time. We now have men in the group who were led to the Lord by men who first began Master Life four, five, six and even ten years ago. One ten-year veteran of this class is taking a key leadership role. Pray for these men as they live a life submitted to Christ in close proximity to many who are antagonistic to the Gospel.

Our Monday night 6-8 pm class marches onward. We are just beginning the 2nd quarter of Master Life Discipleship teaching. We are constantly aware that the Lord’s commission is to “Make Disciples” not just to bring an evangelistic message and to leave men to puzzle out the life of following Christ on their own. Our goal is to lead in such a way as to make “Disciple
Makers”. The fruit of men who can and will lead others to follow Christ. The Men’s Ministry of the TBC provided Master Life books and we should also note that the funds for this come from the Golden State Offering. Supplemental text books, award books, Bibles, notebooks, cards and other materials were provided from individual donations. Over 400 volunteer hours have been invested and the results are well worth the effort. We are still in the monthly rotation that provides a worship service on the main compound. 128 volunteer hours were thus invested. One of the highlights of the year is the Christmas Party where we get to bring a laugh, a treat to eat, music, and the light of the Savior to two housing units. (About 150 inmates, officers and staff.) Last year 28 volunteers gave 5-6 hours each and received the gift of knowing they made a difference. Union Association members gave over 150 gift bags of necessities.

We can be an encouragement to inmates and their families now and after they are returned to the street. The Lord has allowed us to provide counseling, employment referrals and even the necessities of life to some.

One of the objectives of the Community Resource Board is to encourage the absorption of the families of inmates into Church congregations. A family living for Christ is much less likely to return its members to the penal system. Is there room on your pew for a struggling mom whose husband is locked up and can’t earn a paycheck or help comfort a child?

The need for additional volunteers has become obvious. Malachi Dads, a worthy program that is ministering to inmates in the new Site 1, would be a good place for someone to start as a volunteer. The need is not just for theologians or ministers. If you have the desire to see someone lifted from the degradation of this world and set on the path of Light, you have something to give. Are you willing to invest your life into the life of others? Please ask the Lord if He would allow you to participate.

Thanks again from those whose privilege it is to serve the Body of Christ.

In HIS service, Brett Rich

If you would like to donate to this ministry contact us at , Union Baptist Association, 705 Hutchings St. Sparta, Tn. 38583 , phone : 931-738-3250